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Cooperation with Dadban Tejarat Darya Company for transportation And quote terrestrial

Dadban Tejarat Darya Company is one of the pioneers in providing international transportation services, and by providing sea, land, air, rail and combined transportation services, it seeks to serve and meet the various transportation needs of customers.

Cooperation with Dadban Tejarat Darya will bring you the following benefits:

  • Facilitate the administrative process of transportation
  • Providing a variety of transportation methods
  • Reasonable costs and competitive rent
  • The shortest transit time with high relations in strategic points
  • Using all kinds of ground carriers
  • Providing courier services (direct transportation from origin to destination)
  • High experience in warehousing, product insurance, loading and unloading

Some of the ground transportation services of Dadban Tejarat Darya are as follows:

  • Truck transport from Europe
  • Land cargo transportation (groupage) from Europe
  • Land transportation of dangerous goods
  • Land transportation of breakable and vulnerable goods
  • Land transportation of refrigerated goods
  • Land transportation of traffic cargo

For more information and to check the terms of cooperation in trade and customs clearance of goods, please contact us.

Land transportation of goods is one of the oldest and most vital methods of transportation that have existed since man sought to transport goods. With the advancement of technology, the means of land transportation has now evolved. In the 20th century, the land transportation of goods improved with the invention of automobiles and motorcycles. These vehicles brought more speed and made it possible to carry heavier loads. Also, the construction of roads and infrastructure related to ground transportation was also developed during this period.

In recent decades, with the development of technology and communication, the land transportation of goods has also been affected. Nowadays, means of transport such as trucks, trains, buses and taxis are used to transport goods. Also, with the advancement of automobile technology, electric and self-driving vehicles are also used in ground transportation of goods.

Carry and quote What is terrestrial ?

Land transportation is one of the most important infrastructure elements of any society, which plays a very important role in the development and economic progress of countries. The main purposes and applications of land transportation include the transfer of people, goods and other resources from one point to another, cultural, social and economic communication between different regions and facilitating trade and economic exchanges. This area is very vital in the economy of every country and is of special importance.

In addition to transporting people and goods, land transportation helps to develop various economic and social sectors of countries. This field accelerates the improvement of production, distribution and trade processes and thus helps to increase the competitiveness and economic development of countries.

Also, land transportation facilitates communication between cities and different regions and helps the development of tourism industries. Considering that land transportation is very important in the economic development and progress of countries, optimizing and improving this part of the infrastructure is essential and vital.

Regulating public and private transportation networks, improving road networks, railways, urban public transportation, and creating new technologies in this area are among the measures that can help improve the efficiency of land transportation and, as a result, the economic development of countries. and improve the quality of life of people in different communities.

Land transportation services

Land transportation services include a set of activities and services related to the transportation of goods using land vehicles. These services include:

  • Domestic transportation: The transportation of goods within a city, region, or country by land vehicles such as trucks, vans, and containers.
  • Transportation International: Transportation of goods between different countries such as Turkey, Russia, Europe and the CIS using land, air, sea and railway vehicles.
  • Packing and loading/unloading services: packing goods for protection during transport and loading/unloading them from vehicles.
  • Warehousing and distribution services: maintenance and management of warehouses and distribution of goods to the final destination.
  • Insurance services: Insuring goods during transportation to cover damages and related risks.
  • Tracking and notification services: tracking and tracking goods during transportation and providing detailed information to customers about the status of goods.

In general, land transportation services provide all the processes related to the transportation of goods from the origin to the destination using road vehicles.

Types of shipping methods and quote terrestrial

Types of land transportation include different vehicles that are used to transport passengers and goods:

  • Cars: including private cars, taxis, buses and vans that are used to transport passengers and goods.
  • Trains: A large vehicle that moves on rails and is used to carry passengers and heavy goods.
  • Trucks: All types of trucks are used to transport heavy and bulky loads, including cargo trucks, liquid trucks, and refrigerated trucks.
  • Motorcycles: Used to carry passengers and small goods.
  • Subways and trams: used to transport passengers in cities and move on rails.
  • Construction machines: types of heavy machinery for carrying construction materials and doing construction work.
  • Special vehicles: including ships on land (Ro-Ro) which are used to transport cars and heavy loads.
  • Vans: They are used to transport small and medium goods and are usually used in local transportation and distribution of goods in cities and local areas.
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